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Dan is going to be working part-time for the CGA law firm in York in an “of counsel” role. If you want to contact him directly, use the website contact form.

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Education Law Firm in York County, PA

Protecting Student’s Rights and Special Education

Anderson, Converse & Fennick is an experienced York County Law Firm that handles a wide range of legal matters, with a focus on Education Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, and Civil Litigation. Our firm, dedicated to protecting the rights and future of clients in Pennsylvania, has been in practice for more than 35 years. The breadth of legal knowledge and skill we offer ensures high caliber and effective legal representation. We are proud to serve Pennsylvania; our support of and commitment to clients has forged lasting relationships over the years.

For many people, retaining the services of an attorney can be stressful. Anderson, Converse & Fennick provides a reassuring environment to discuss legal matters and educate clients so that they can make informed decisions regarding their future. The key to our success is the personal attention and respect each of our clients receive. We take the time to get to know you and develop the best approach to your case. Our experience and ease in the courtroom provide you with a strong advocate in your corner. Because we are a small firm, you have the assurance that you will continue to meet with and have the guidance of the principal attorneys throughout your case rather than junior lawyers after the first appointment.

Anderson, Converse & Fennick is available to serve clients in York County and throughout Pennsylvania. Our office is conveniently located just off the Market St exit near Interstate 83.

Education Law

Anderson, Converse & Fennick has practiced education law for over three decades. As dedicated and experienced legal professionals representing students and parents, we have assisted special needs students obtain the services and programs they deserve. We have also helped them retain their entitlement to services when schools have tried to reduce them.

In addition, our firm has significant experience in charter school representation, helping schools secure and keep charters, handle personnel issues, and more.

If you need an experienced education attorney, we are ready to serve. Contact us today.



Representation for Special Needs Students

Anderson, Converse & Fennick is dedicated to protecting the rights of students with special needs. For many parents, navigating the bureaucracy of Pennsylvania school districts can be trying, especially when their children are not receiving the programs and services they deserve. Our firm has significant experience helping parents protect their children’s academic future by securing their right to a free and appropriate education (FAPE), whether the issue relates to an Individualized Educational Program (IEP), 504 plan, NOREP, Due Process Hearing, and/or Manifestation Determination.

Student Discipline/Expulsion

Although students are required to follow a school’s rules and regulations, they have rights that deserve protection. Too often, school districts violate these rights. Unfortunately, some of these situations lead to hostile or abusive academic environments, while others lead to undue and unjust disciplinary actions. Our firm has significant experience representing students facing bullying, discrimination, abuse, and/or disciplinary actions, including expulsions and more.

Reviews From Our Clients

After missing three weeks of school, our son was readmitted in time to be on the spring track team. He participated in graduation and the senior class trip. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his last few months of high school. None of that would have happened without the school board deciding to let him come back to school. We think your work was instrumental in convincing them to make that…- Whitney

I have the best lawyer in Mr. Daniel  Fennick. Mr. Fennick went over and above to help me and protect my rights. I was a basket case when I went to see him. He really cared about what I was going through. My husband was cheating on me, changed the locks on our home, didn’t want to give me any money for support and was bullying me. Right away, Mr. Fennick…- Donna

When my husband died suddenly, soon after initiating a civil litigation case, Dan Fennick was a lifesaver at a time when I had no idea how to proceed with the case. Dan completely handled my husband's estate and the civil litigation case, explaining each step to me as we proceeded. Mr. Fennick was very understanding of my position at that time and understood my lack of understanding of the legality…- Pam

We are a family who has always advocated for our special needs daughter and have been upfront about her disabilities since she was very young. We found ourselves in a unique situation where the school district made a decision about her education without considering her disability and how it impacts her behavior. We sought advice from 3 different professionals who all advised us to contact Daniel Fennick, Esquire. Upon contacting…- Stephanie & Michael

For the past couple of years, we questioned whether our child was making sufficient progress at school.  At every meeting, the school told us our child was doing great which was not exactly accurate.  We then had the child tested by an independent psychologist who told us the child had actually regressed, rather substantially. Even with these test results, the district still could not do anything or arrange anything to…- Bernie

Dan skillfully guided us through the Special Education maze. He cared about our son’s pain of being in a school that didn’t and couldn’t meet his LD needs. His experience and excellent negotiations resulted in a terrific resolution that has helped our son and our entire family. With Dan’s help, we have our happy son back, and he is thriving.- Heather

Dan lead us through the proper channels to help our son navigate the special education system. He immediately was concerned about how our son was being treated in a public school setting and that he was not learning due to the improper situation not fitting our son's needs. Dan's experience and drive to help our son get the proper school setting that best meets his needs has ended with the happiest of…- Lori

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