Bullying Laws in Pennsylvania

Bullying Laws in Pennsylvania

No parent wants to learn that their child is being bullied at school. Getting an education is supposed to be a positive experience where children are free to learn and build good relationships without fear. However, when a child becomes the victim of bullying, the overall experience may be seriously tarnished. Bullying is the mistreatment, intimidation, or harm of a vulnerable individual by another party who believes that they are more powerful than their victim. This can be physical, social, or verbal in nature.

Of course, when parents do learn that their child is being bullied, they want to do all that they can to stop this issue. In the state of Pennsylvania, schools are required to put an end to all bullying that takes place on school grounds, at bus stops, in school vehicles, or at other school-sponsored events. The criteria that a school in Pennsylvania will assess in a bullying accusation includes whether the series of verbal, written, or physical acts are:

  • severe, persistent, or pervasive
  • directed toward one or more students
  • seriously disrupts a child’s education
  • substantially interferes with the peaceful operation of the school
  • creates a dangerous environment for the student

If you believe that your child has been the victim of bullying on school grounds, it is important to hold the school accountable for failing to protect your child while they try to get an education. Parents should be aware that federal law requires schools to investigate the matter promptly and take the necessary actions to prevent such bullying from happening again in the future. It is important to notify the school in writing about a bullying situation as soon as possible so they can take immediate action. If a school fails to stand up for the rights of your child, contact an attorney at Anderson, Converse & Fennick today. 

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