Can I Sue a Pennsylvania School District Because my Child was Harassed or Abused?

Can I Sue a Pennsylvania School District Because my Child was Harassed or Abused?

A parent’s main concern in life is typically the safety of their child. As children grow older, parents find it difficult to let them go out into the world to experience life if they are not there to protect them. It is because of this that it is often hard to send children off to school. However, parents usually trust that a school district will take care of their child and ensure their safety until they can return home at the end of the day. 

However, it is an unfortunate reality that there are many cases in which students do not come safe. Sometimes, they may be physically or mentally abused by others while they are at school. This behavior is unacceptable and should be treated very seriously by school districts and parents. Depending on the situation at hand, there are legal means that a parent can take in order to protect their child. If you are facing a situation like this, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Pennsylvania students’ rights attorney for help.

What if my Child was Abused by a Student?

Child bullying is an issue that has become very serious in recent years, whether it may be physical or mental. While this is true, whether or not a parent can hold a school district liable for these actions against their child can vary depending on certain factors of the situation. School districts cannot guarantee parents that no harm will come to their child at the expense of another student on school property. 

However, they can be held responsible in the event that they had prior knowledge of problems in the past or there was about to be a problem and does not do anything about the situation. If this indifference leads to continuing instances of harassment or abuse, thus harming a child, it may be possible to take legal action. When a child is being bullied, parents should document the actions against their child and report it to the school immediately so there is a record and the school cannot plead ignorance.

What if my Child was Abused by a Teacher?

Teachers are meant to be role models that students are able to trust. No child should ever be harassed or abused by a teacher. It is because of this that if a child experiences this behavior at the expense of an employee of a school district, parents absolutely have the right to pursue legal action against the district to hold them responsible. During this time, it is important for parents to consider the following in order to understand if the situation calls for a lawsuit:

  • How harmful was the behavior?
  • What was the nature and extent of the damages of that behavior?
  • How much suffering has the child endured?

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