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Special Education Funding Commission Reviews Funding Formula

As Pennsylvania’s Special Education Funding Commission travels through the state to hear concerns regarding special education, officials are beginning to rethink the formula that is used for funding. Educators throughout the state of Pennsylvania are expressing concerns regarding the needs of special education students, saying that the increase in students has led to a need […]

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Special Education Officer Makes Ruling Regarding Educational Evaluations at Public Expense

On August 26, 2019, a hearing was held regarding a case between the parents of a student and the Chester-Upland School District. The school district filed a due process complaint to challenge the parent’s right to independent educational evaluations at public expense. It also contested the continued residential placement for the student.  Issues Presented By […]

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Special Education Funding Commission Travels Pennsylvania to Hear Testimonies on Special Education Funding

In 2013, education leaders in Pennsylvania reviewed funding for special education throughout the state for the first time. During this evaluation, it was recommended that the state adopt a new funding formula based on how severe a student’s special education needs are. Now, six years later, Pennsylvania’s 15-member Special Education Funding Commission will travel across […]

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Attorney Fennick Presents “Educational Rights of Children with Special Needs” Workshop

On Monday, October 21, Attorney Dan Fennick will lead a workshop called “Educational Rights of Children with Special Needs.” Starting at 7:00 PM, Attorney Fennick will present on a variety of topics including but not limited to the following: How children get identified by school districts How the IEP process is supposed to work What […]

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Pennsylvania Governor Takes Steps to Regulate Charter Schools

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has previously addressed his concerns regarding charter schools throughout the state. On Tuesday, August 13, he pledged to change the charter-school policies in Pennsylvania to increase accountability for the schools. Charter schools cost taxpayers in the state $1.8 billion within the last year. However, school districts and the state are limited […]

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  •  Special Education Funding Commission Reviews Funding Formula
  •  Special Education Officer Makes Ruling Regarding Educational Evaluations at Public Expense