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How is Child Custody Determined in Pennsylvania?

When parents go through a divorce, it affects the entire family. Children’s lives completely change from what they once knew as normal. During this time, parents must settle custody arrangements for the children’s future. There are some cases in which parents can reach an agreement on their own without the assistance of the court. Other […]

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Tips to Prepare for a Divorce in Pennsylvania

If a spouse is anticipating the end of their marriage, it can be very beneficial to plan in advance for the divorce. Doing so can help the progression into their life post-divorce. Here are ten important tips to prepare for a divorce: Control Your Emotions When spouses act on emotional impulse during their proceedings, a […]

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Who is the Non-Custodial Parent After a Divorce?

Parents who decide to divorce are required to determine the future arrangements of their children during the proceedings. This includes settling child custody and child support. When custody is determined, it establishes a child’s custodial and non-custodial parent. The custodial parent is the individual with whom the child lives the majority of the time. However, […]

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Who is the Custodial Parent After a Divorce?

Parents who go through a divorce have a few more legal matters to settle on account of their children. During the proceedings, parents are required to determine new arrangements for their child’s future. This includes child custody. When establishing custody arrangements, parents can obtain physical and legal custody. The parent who is awarded physical custody […]

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