How can an attorney defend my child’s rights at school?

How can an attorney defend my child’s rights at school?

As a parent, it is no surprise that you will try and do everything you can to ensure that your child is doing well in school. With doing well in school goes making sure that your child’s school does not violate any of their rights while they are in their care. Though schools do have some supervisory rights over your child, they do not take on all of your parental rights while your child is in their care.

Schools are often accused of trying to control how children dress, what they believe, and what they are allowed to say. If your child has been impacted by any of these issues in school, it is important that you meet with an experienced education law attorney to determine whether any of his or her rights have been violated.

Some of the many students’ rights matters that we have experience representing include matters of discipline, bullying, abuse, neglect, expulsions, the First Amendment, dress code, privacy, and discrimination.

If the school tries to discipline your child or violate his or her rights in any way, it is important that you are very mindful about going forward. Some of the important things that you should do upon being notified of a violation include the following:

  • Be sure to carefully read all the notices you receive. Make yourself aware of any hearings or meetings that have been scheduled in regards to your child’s punishment.
  • Of course, talk with your child to get his or her side of the story.
  • If the school is proposing significant discipline, speak with a lawyer before signing any agreements.
  • Be sure to create a paper trail of all communications between yourself and school officials.
  • We do not recommend that your child give a statement to school officials without talking to us first. Some children can be convinced to admit to something they did not do.

An experienced education law attorney can help you determine if the reason for your child’s discipline was in fact, a violation of their rights. If so, the school should be held accountable. Contact our firm today to see how we can help.

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