How do I Know if my Child is Being Properly Disciplined in a Pennsylvania School District?

How do I Know if my Child is Being Properly Disciplined in a Pennsylvania School District?

All parents want their child to receive the best education possible when they go to school. However, this process can sometimes be disrupted in the event that students behave poorly or act out. It is because of this that school districts have a code of conduct that students are required to follow. When these rules are broken, a student can be disciplined by the school as a result. As a parent, it is important to ensure that your child is being properly disciplined and not taken advantage of. This may be the case if the child is wrongfully accused or their punishment is too severe. In these situations, it is crucial to retain the services of an experienced Pennsylvania student’s rights attorney for assistance with the case.

How Can I Know a School’s Code of Conduct?

When a school enforces a code of conduct, students and parents are required to be aware of it. Both school districts and charter schools must publish these documents in order to do so. This allows them as well as the staff to be aware of not only the rules but how students can be punished as a result of violating them. Often times, this can be found on the school’s website. 

Types of Discipline in Pennsylvania

There are many different forms of discipline for students who violate the code of conduct in the state of Pennsylvania. The following are different types of disciplinary methods used in schools:

  • In-school suspension: This takes place in school under supervision, where the student attends and continues their education every day in a separate room from other classes. If this occurs for more than 10 consecutive school days, the school must have an informal hearing.
  • Out of school suspension: This requires a child to stay out of school for no more than 10 days. When this happens, the student’s parents must be notified in writing.
  • Expulsion: This is the removal of a child from school for more than 10 days. In these situations, parents have the right to a hearing before the school board.

How Do I Make Sure the Discipline is Necessary?

If disciplinary actions such as suspension or expulsion are being taken against your child, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Carefully read all notices you receive and be aware of any hearings or meetings
  • Talk with your child to get their side of the story
  • Speak with a lawyer before signing any agreements
  • Keep a paper trail of all communication with the school
  • Do not allow your child to give a statement to the school before speaking with an attorney

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