How Do I Protect My Child From Bullying in Pennsylvania Schools?

How Do I Protect My Child From Bullying in Pennsylvania Schools?

When parents send their kids off to school, they hope that the children will have a positive experience. This includes making friends and having good teachers. Overall, they expect that their child will be safe. However, there are many children that suffer due to bullying from other students. The impacts bullying can have on a child can be detrimental to not only their learning experience but their overall health. It is because of this that it is crucial to protect students from this. If you believe your child is the victim of bullying and the school failed to protect your child, you must retain the services of an experienced Pennsylvania students’ rights attorney for assistance. 

What Is Considered Bullying?

Any acts of intimidation, mistreatment, or harm towards a vulnerable individual by another can be considered bullying. This can take many forms that do not always show physical signs. This can include any acts of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse towards another student. It is because of this that it is crucial to look out for any signs of bullying. Specific signs can include physical symptoms, unexplained injuries, destroyed personal items, depression, faking illness to avoid school, and more.

Pennsylvania Bullying Laws

In the state of Pennsylvania, the law requires schools to take action against bullying once they are aware that it is taking place. It is because of this that the State of Pennsylvania and the Department of Education have worked in conjunction to take steps towards bullying prevention in order to protect students. The state defines bullying as “an intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or a series of acts that occur in a school setting and:

  • Is severe, persistent or pervasive
  • Is directly towards one or more other students
  • Seriously disrupts or impedes a child’s education
  • Creates a dangerous environment for the student
  • Substantially interferes with the peaceful operation of the school

These actions can take place anywhere relating to the school. This may be on school grounds, in school vehicles, at a bus stop, or any other location that is school supervised or sponsored. In the event that this behavior occurs, schools are required by federal law to investigate the matter and take action to prevent it again. If they fail to do so, it is important that parents take the right steps to ensure the school does its job. This begins with retaining the services of a skilled student’s rights attorney.

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