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"After missing three weeks of school, our son was readmitted in time to be on the spring track team. He participated in graduation and the senior class trip. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his last few months of high school. None of that would have happened without the school board deciding to let him come back to school. We think your work was instrumental in convincing them to make that decision.  Thank you for helping us get through a very difficult situation with the school and generously considering us a “good family”.  It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope the best for you as you continue the very important work of defending innocent youth."- Whitney

"I have the best lawyer in Mr. Daniel  Fennick. Mr. Fennick went over and above to help me and protect my rights. I was a basket case when I went to see him. He really cared about what I was going through. My husband was cheating on me, changed the locks on our home, didn’t want to give me any money for support and was bullying me. Right away, Mr. Fennick went into action. He got me support, helped me get a place to live and protected me from my husband bullying. Mr. Fennick definitely knows his business. He really cares about his client. I thank God for Mr. Fennick."- Donna

"When my husband died suddenly, soon after initiating a civil litigation case, Dan Fennick was a lifesaver at a time when I had no idea how to proceed with the case. Dan completely handled my husband's estate and the civil litigation case, explaining each step to me as we proceeded. Mr. Fennick was very understanding of my position at that time and understood my lack of understanding of the legality of certain situations. He was always willing to repeat and explain things more than one time, when necessary. Dan also represented me when I needed help having my teenage son's IEP reevaluated at a local high school. Mr. Fennick is an expert in school law. After working with me, my son, high school personnel, and the school's lawyer, we were granted all of our IEP revision requests. This would never have happened without his help and expertise. Dan responds very rapidly by email or phone to questions and requests. When he cannot be reached, his assistant or paralegal are usually available and always willing to help. There is no waiting for days or weeks for a response from this attorney. Mr. Fennick is very experienced, helpful, patient and understanding. He is easy to talk to and puts his client at ease. I am thankful for his service and advice during a most difficult time in my life."- Pam

"We are a family who has always advocated for our special needs daughter and have been upfront about her disabilities since she was very young. We found ourselves in a unique situation where the school district made a decision about her education without considering her disability and how it impacts her behavior. We sought advice from 3 different professionals who all advised us to contact Daniel Fennick, Esquire. Upon contacting Dan, he immediately filed for a due process hearing. He was very informative, knowledgeable and professional. He helped us come to a quick resolution with the school district, which resulted in the district agreeing to pay for her to attend a specialized private school that directly addresses her disabilities. Our daughter is excelling in the new school and is on the best path possible given the situation. We would not be here without Dan's assistance and we are so grateful for his help."- Stephanie & Michael

"For the past couple of years, we questioned whether our child was making sufficient progress at school.  At every meeting, the school told us our child was doing great which was not exactly accurate.  We then had the child tested by an independent psychologist who told us the child had actually regressed, rather substantially. Even with these test results, the district still could not do anything or arrange anything to meet our child’s needs, socially or educationally, and things got progressively worse.  After agonizing over the decision, we finally decided to place her in a specialized private school for children with autism. Dan filed a due process complaint and represented us at the hearing. The District was ordered to pay for the private school and to provide compensatory education for the poor education it had provided. We were very pleased with Dan, his understanding of this area of the law, and how he dealt with the school district. Our child is doing much better now."- Bernie

"Dan skillfully guided us through the Special Education maze. He cared about our son’s pain of being in a school that didn’t and couldn’t meet his LD needs. His experience and excellent negotiations resulted in a terrific resolution that has helped our son and our entire family. With Dan’s help, we have our happy son back, and he is thriving."- Heather

"Dan lead us through the proper channels to help our son navigate the special education system. He immediately was concerned about how our son was being treated in a public school setting and that he was not learning due to the improper situation not fitting our son's needs. Dan's experience and drive to help our son get the proper school setting that best meets his needs has ended with the happiest of endings. Our son is now happier, learning, and loves to go to school now.  I could not have asked for a better result. I would and do recommend Dan to anyone who may need his expertise."- Lori

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