What are the Different Types of Adoptions in Pennsylvania?

What are the Different Types of Adoptions in Pennsylvania?

Many couples choose to adopt a child to bring them into a happy home. This is a very exciting time in a family’s life. However, it is important to know that it can be a long and complicated process as well. This is why it is important to enlist the services of a skilled attorney to navigate the process. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are different types of adoptions available to families. 

Open and Closed Adoptions

A closed adoption is when a child’s biological and adopted parents do not know each other’s names and do not contact one another. When there is communication between the two families, it is an open adoption. This can consist of sending pictures or updates of the child as well as even visitations.

Private Adoptions

Private adoption, one of the most common, is when a child’s birth parents voluntarily place them for adoption. When this happens, they typically choose the family the child is placed with. 

Step-Parent Adoptions

When the spouse of a child’s legal parent wants to adopt the child, it is a step-parent adoption. This process can be complicated in the event that the other birth parent does not consent. However, while it is more difficult, it is possible to complete the process without their consent. 

Adopting an Adult

While the idea of adopting an adult seems odd, it is legal in Pennsylvania. This can be seen for a variety of reasons. For example, a child can age out of foster care before they are adopted. In other cases, a step-parent may want to legally adopt their spouse’s adult child to unite a family. 

Domestic and International Adoptions

Domestic adoption is when a child is born in the United States and adopted by a family who lives in the United States. International adoption is when a child was not born in the United States is adopted. This process usually requires a great amount of travel.

Same-Sex Adoptions

In Pennsylvania, any individual can be an adoptive parent. This includes same-sex couples. 

Foster Parent Adoptions

Many children live in foster care before becoming adopted. Foster-adopt occurs when a child is placed in a home as a foster child with the expectation that the individual will become legally available to be adopted by the foster parent.

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