What should I do if my child is being disciplined by their school?

What should I do if my child is being disciplined by their school?

Parents send their children to school every day hoping that they will stay out of trouble and focus on their studies. Every school in Pennsylvania has a code of conduct that students must follow. If a child breaks one of the rules, the school may wish to take disciplinary action against the student. As a parent, it is never fun to learn that your child has broken one of the rules of student conduct and that they will be disciplined. Many parents often wonder what they should do upon learning that the school is trying to take disciplinary action against the child.

When suspension or expulsion is on the line, it is important for a parent to take the situation seriously. Here are a few things you should do upon being notified about the district’s desire to suspend or expel your child:

  • Make sure all notices you receive from the school are read very carefully.
  • Find out when any hearings or meetings regarding the punishment of your child are scheduled and try to attend them.
  • Speak with your child about the incident and get his or her side of the story.
  • When suspension or expulsion is on the table, it is important to speak with an experienced student rights attorney before signing any agreements with the school.
  • Create a paper trail of all communications that you have with the school. Don’t delete or throw out anything that may be of importance.
  • Inform your child not to make a statement to school officials unless they have spoken with your attorney first. Often, students will feel pressured to give a false confession by school authorities.

If your child is facing disciplinary action from his or her school, the attorneys at Anderson, Converse & Fennick are here to help. Contact our firm today so we can assess your child’s situation and guide both of you accordingly.

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