York County Civil Litigation Attorney

York County Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil Litigation Attorney in York, Pennsylvania

Anderson, Converse & Fennick has extensive experience handling civil litigation in federal and Pennsylvania state courts. From the pleading stage through discovery, pre-trial proceedings, trial, and appeal stages, we are dedicated to helping you pursue a beneficial outcome. We are passionate and work tirelessly to help you through the most complex civil matters. The personal attention we can give you provides peace of mind and a focus on expeditious, efficient, and thorough representation.

If you are facing a civil dispute, you need a seasoned trial attorney to protect your rights through the process. Anderson, Converse & Fennick has more than 35 years of experience helping clients through a range of civil matters. To discuss your situation with our firm, contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick for a consultation today.

Our civil litigation services

Anderson, Converse & Fennick is dedicated to protecting your rights and interests. Our firm’s depth of knowledge in civil law provides you with a helping hand in your time of need. Our civil litigation practice handles a range of legal matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Education Law
  • Family Law
  • Contract Law
  • Landlord–Tenant Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Business Law

What makes us different?

Anderson, Converse & Fennick provides effective legal representation that is enthusiastic as well as pragmatic and cost-effective. Hiring a civil litigation attorney does not always mean it is time to litigate. We take special pride in our ability to pursue alternatives to full-blown litigation, whenever and wherever possible. While litigation may be necessary, we continually seek innovative solutions to avoid an expensive battle whenever it is in your best interest to do so. We are seasoned trial attorneys, but we don’t look to fight for the sake of fighting when your goals can be achieved more quickly and less expensively through settlement, arbitration, or mediation.

Contact our firm

When you hire Anderson, Converse & Fennick, you are getting a dedicated team of legal professionals ready to assess your matter, guide you through your legal options, and help you make informed decisions backed by our legal acumen and trial ability. Contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick to discuss your legal issue.

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