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If you are seeking special education services for your child, he or she will typically have to undergo an evaluation to determine what services are necessary. A Functional Behavioral Assessment is one important part of this evaluation. If you are the parent of a student who requires a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) or other special education services, you may want to consult with an experienced team of education attorneys. Anderson, Converse & Fennick has decades of experience representing families as they navigate the process of trying to obtain or modify their child’s special education services. To learn how our firm can help you, contact us today.

When is a Functional Behavioral Assessment required in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania understands how important it is to gather information regarding a child’s behavior when assessing their needs for special education services. Once a student’s behavioral struggles are identified, the individuals working to create a plan can do so with a better understanding of the child’s needs and what measures should be taken to achieve the greatest level of success in a school environment. Some of the reasons that a Functional Behavioral Assessment is required include the following:

  • The behavior of a student violates the school’s code of conduct, and the behavior may be related to the student’s disability.
  • The IEP team determines that the behavior of the student is hindering their own learning and/or the learning of other students.
  • As a parent, you believe that your child’s behaviors are related to a disability, and that your child needs help learning how to behave instead of ever increasing discipline which does nothing to help your child.

The Functional Behavioral Assessment Process

There are a number of different ways that an FBA can be completed, as every student’s situation is different. It is entirely based on the facts at hand. The school team conducting the FBA will create a hypothesis statement, largely based on data that are gathered through the observation of your child. Regardless of the way that the team chooses to gather such data, they will have to complete four steps each time the FBA process is conducted. These steps are as follows:

  1. The team will be required to determine the concerning behavior. This is often started with an interview between the IEP team and the individuals who have observed your child’s behavior. After the interview, the team will directly observe your child in his or her natural environment.
  2. The team will identify the setting that may result in a greater chance of such behavior occurring.
  3. The team will identify events that often trigger the behavior of concern.
  4. Finally, the team will identify consequences that maintain the behavior.

The information that is gathered during the interview and direct observation will allow the team to form at least one hypothesis regarding the cause of your child’s behavior. The primary goal is to come up with a behavior support plan that ultimately allows your child to avoid triggering situations and reduce the negative behavior in the school setting. You have rights and should have input into this process. Do not allow the school to make decisions on your child’s behalf without the help of an experienced education attorney.

Contact a Pennsylvania Education Law Attorney

If your child requires an FBA in Pennsylvania or is having behavioral issues in school and it may lead to an assessment, it is beneficial to consult with an experienced education law attorney. Anderson, Converse & Fennick has decades of experience guiding clients through the FBA process, in addition to many other matters regarding a child’s special education services. Contact our firm today to discuss your situation.

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