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If your child violates his or her school code of conduct in a very serious manner, he or she may be expelled. Expulsions are quite serious: college applications commonly ask whether a student has been expelled; educational opportunities can be lost; and working parents are burdened by this time out of school.

If you have been notified that your child may be expelled, it is important to understand the expulsion process and retain legal counsel. The attorneys at Anderson, Converse & Fennick have decades of experience fighting on behalf of students who are facing expulsion. We understand that each student’s situation is unique and are committed to treating each case as such. Contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick for strong legal representation when it matters most.

An Expulsion Is Not Necessarily Forever

The state of Pennsylvania defines an expulsion as any student’s removal from his or her school for more than 10 consecutive days as a result of the student’s violation of the code of conduct. That being said, it is important to note that expulsions are not always permanent. For example, your child may only be expelled for one school year or for just one semester before he or she can return to school. However, children in Pennsylvania who are under the age of 17 are required to continue obtaining an education. This may burden you with the need to educate your child through homeschooling or alternative schooling options. If you opt for homeschooling, it is critical to inform your school district in writing so they can provide an instructor for your child and ensure he or she is still receiving a proper education.

The Expulsion Process

Pennsylvania expulsions are not automatic. Before your child can be officially expelled, the school is required to hold a formal hearing before the school board, a committee, or a board-appointed hearing officer. The school is required to provide notice of the formal expulsion hearing three days before it can occur. If you wish to reschedule the hearing, you may do so with good reason. Here are a few things that you should be aware of before attending a formal expulsion hearing:

  • You may obtain an attorney to defend your child at the hearing.
  • The hearing must be recorded by the host.
  • You may bring any information regarding a possible reason for the student’s misbehavior, including a letter from your child’s therapist or a letter from a witness with another point of view.
  • If your child has an intellectual disability, he or she may not be suspended or expelled for any period of time without your agreement, approval by the state Department of Education, or an order from a judge/hearing officer.
  • If the formal hearing does result in an expulsion, you are permitted to file an appeal within 30 days at the Court of Common Pleas.

Contact an Expulsion Attorney in Pennsylvania

If you have been notified that your child is in jeopardy of expulsion, do not hesitate to contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick. We are prepared to examine all aspects of the situation leading up to the event that resulted in the expulsion and will fight on behalf of your child during the formal hearing. Your child deserves to have someone fighting on behalf of his or her education. Contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick today to discuss your situation.

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