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York County Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney in York, PA

For over three decades, Anderson, Converse & Fennick has provided quality legal services to those facing divorce and family law matters. We understand that these matters are often complex and emotional. We proudly represent clients from across Pennsylvania from our office in York. We are a dedicated law firm that will fight enthusiastically for you.

Anderson, Converse & Fennick recognizes the emotional turmoil that often arises with matters regarding divorce and family law. The compassionate guidance of an experienced attorney can ease much of the stress associated with facing a significant legal matter. We are ready to work closely with you to help you navigate these complicated and sensitive issues. If you require compassionate and committed legal representation for a matter related to divorce and family law, contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick for a consultation.

Divorce and Family Law Representation in York County, PA

Anderson, Converse & Fennick will fight for the best interests of your family, regardless of the obstacles that make the matter challenging. Our tenacious and committed staff will work hard to help you obtain a positive outcome. We have significant experience handling matters related to divorce, including:

  • Spousal Support
  • High Net Worth Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Division of Assets
  • Legal Separation
  • Business Owner Divorce
  • Modification and Enforcement

Anderson, Converse & Fennick is also well-versed in difficult family law matters, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Child Visitation
  • Relocation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Modification and Enforcement

Dedicated Mediation Services

Anderson, Converse & Fennick realizes that you may want to keep your divorce and family law matters private. Avoiding litigation can be quite beneficial if you are able to agree to terms prior to litigation. Our firm strongly believes in the mediation process. If you are interested in the mediation process, we are ready to guide you through your options and help you avoid litigating these sensitive and significant legal matters.

Contact a York County Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Clients throughout Pennsylvania know they can rely on the experienced law firm of Anderson, Converse & Fennick. We are dedicated to guiding you through these sensitive legal matters. We are ready to represent you with both passion and compassion. Contact Anderson, Converse & Fennick if you require strong legal representation.

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